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Wind Sock clothes & stands

We have been engaged in producing and supplying Wind Sock & Wind Sock Stand. Wind Sock is used to determine the direction of the wind. It is one of the finest. Its quality never deteriorates. In addition, the product has a longer service life. Wind Sock Stand made of Galvanized Iron pipe of class C with 2 bearings housed in a dustproof casing. It can contain the base pipe telescopic stand. The ball bearing offers the wind socks easy movement in the wind direction. Moreover, wind socks have aluminum or brass eyelets at a regular and equal distance that fix the arrangements along with the stands, which host the wind sock on their rounded frames. They are used for various industries like sugar mills, refineries, fertilizers, textiles, pharmaceuticals, steel plants, chemicals, petrochemicals, paper mills, mining and pesticides, oil, power, LPG bottling plants, etc.

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