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Wind Sock Stand with LED FLOODLIGHT

Wind Sock Stand with LED FLOODLIGHT

  • It is made from Galvanized Iron (GI) pipe of class C of 25mm.
  • Height of pipe is 6 feet with a flange (round base plate) at the bottom with 4 concentric holes for bolting at the bottom to the surface.
  • 2 feet diameter MS ring on which the wind sock is tied for showing the wind direction.
  • It hosts wind sock cloth on its rounded frames.
  • It has Double ball bearings housed in dust-proof casing for free movement of Wind Sock cloth.
  • Wind Sock stand ring is attached with a support cage of 6 inches to 2 feet. The cage is designed to give directional support to the wind sock cloth.
  • Water resistant & Heat resistant original 30W LED light is provided at the centre of the cage. The LED light will not heat. 10 feet of original cable is provided for carrying down to electric main to provide electric power.
  • Specifications of the LED light:-

      • Voltage: AC 100V-260V
      • Life span: 40,000 hours
      • Warranty: 1 year
      • Type: IP65
      • Housing colour: PKW/Black



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